In 2001 Keyprocessor B.V. was the first player on the market to introduce a fully web-based security management system. Over the years, the iProtect™ Security Management System has continued to grow into a full-fledged security platform where access control, camera surveillance, intrusion detection, people protection, parking management, intercom and time & attendance has been completely integrated.Keyprocessor B.V. places much value on innovation and is constantly researching technological options. This lead to the introduction of a next generation of iProtect™ in June 2009. This new generation is being marketed under the name iProtect™ Aurora. The user interface of the Protect™ Aurora version 7.03 has undergone considerable changes regarding its look and feel. Keyprocessor has also added a large number of new features to this new version. This release note lists the most important features.

iProtect™ Aurora has further improved a great deal of communication processes among all components within the system. This means that the encryption of data that runs over the network has been replaced by technologies that are currently considered to be very secure such as AES256, keystores and replay attack security.

In addition, the data between the iProtect™ server and the IPU-8 and Stellar network controllers is compressed, which contributes to decreasing the data traffic over the network.Even on the client side (MS Explorer) only HTTPS protocols are supported which are currently considered to be very secure.The iProtect™ server with all of its software was scrutinized and tested by several external organizations. The results of these external organizations, such as government agencies, the banking sector and the high-tech industry are very positive about the security level,stability and reliability of iProtect™ Aurora.

Update Mechanism
Starting with iProtect™ Aurora, the automatic firmware update mechanism of the IPU-8, Stellars and the new Polyx network controllers will run over the same over ethernet ports as communication with the server. Thanks to this
adjustment it is no longer necessary for FTP ports to be open in the network. The control mechanism has also been adjusted, making the security even more reliable.

Presence Browser
The presence browser, which could be called up directly without login, has been removed from the iProtect™ Aurora. It has been replaced by a new, automatically refreshing dialog in iProtect™ Aurora.

Server Synchronization
Starting with the iProtect™ Aurora it is possible to connect various iProtect™ servers to each other, with which all personal and pass information is synchronized.The rights of the individuals can be assigned based on “roll-based access control.” This makes it possible to manage various locations with their own server from a central location.

Starting with version 7.03 of iProtect™ Aurora it is possible to specify how many back-ups must be made and into which subdirectory these should be placed.

Expansion of Alarm Processing
A new button has been added to the alarm processing. With this button you can replace a hard (urgent) alarm to a soft (less urgent) alarm. This provides more clarity regarding priorities in particular when processing many
alarms. This button will only be displayed for hard alarms.

Export of People Photos
Exporting photos of people has been greatly simplified within iProtect™ Aurora. Starting with 7.03 a new dialog has been created where this can be done quickly and easily. There are various selection options, such as by name, department of empty fields. Naming during export can be selected from the person’s name, administration number or an
empty field.

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